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USBEE AX clone

When browsing Dealextreme New Items one day I saw Logic Analyzer w/ DuPont Lines and USB Cable for SCM – Black product that was described as USBEE AX PRO. I had previously looked at the USBee but thought they were too expensive. This one was really cheap (around 10 Euros). I have not tried USBEE

Useful information sources

Here are some of my favorite sources for technology news and articles. I check them often: Uutistulva Slashdot Techmeme Digg Tietokone Mediagazer EE times Communications DesignLine 3t Hifimaailma Hack a Day


There are some common rules in the design of user interfaces (UI) in embedded systems, such as, “use common dialogs and buttons familiar to your users” or “keep it simple by limiting user activity, as much as possible, within the context of the current function”. The design of these buttons, dialog boxes, help screens and