Information on iPhone prototype

What did the iPhone look like before it looked like an iPhone? Apple’s popular product looked radically different in the early stages of development (like many other high tech gadgets). Image of the Day: iPhone prototype from 2005 article gives you view of the early iPhone prototypes. Check out the article for interesting photos.

That article is based on information from Exclusive: super-early iPhone prototype had 5″x7″ screen, serial port article, so it is a good idea to check that out. The early prototype was quite large—about 5″×7″ and roughly two inches thick. Interesting that this early prototype has a number of ports that Apple never intended to make it into the final product: USB ports, an Ethernet port, and even a serial port.

It is quite common to have this kind of ports in development prototypes, because ports like Ethernet and serial simply to make working on the device easier.


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