Friday Fun: AC vs DC human pain test

I just wrote Will DC Power Distribution Make a Comeback? posting and this Friday Fun video AC vs DC human pain test is somewhat related to it.

The Pain of Electricity (AC versus DC) shows you how painful AC and DC are, and is there a difference between them. Check out this informative, yet admittedly hilarious at times, video.

Watch the video. Remember – don’t try this at home. Do not repeat the tests yourself. Electricity can be dangerous. Even as low as 9V voltage can kill at certain conditions, but fortunately a 9V battery does not have enough voltage to kill a person by testing it on the tongue. If the battery can make an almost direct connection to the nervous system, it can kill. So it is a good idea to keep the voltages out of your mouth.

The maker of the video above seems to have a habit of hurting himself with electricity. Other videos on the same series are How to Make Proper Wiring Connections and ESD Testing Hurts!


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