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I just found my way to an interesting Internet of Things related web site: IoT World is a community of professionals like you, who aim to bring intelligence to everyday devices and connect them together to profoundly alter the way we work, play, and live. The site will provide news, training, and analysis on a variety of disciplines, creating and populating a forum for discussions and information exchange.

There are many interesting postings there. Building the Internet of Things (IoT) requires many technologies acting in concert: Microcontrollers provide the intelligence needed in endpoint devices. RF modules are integral to endpoint connectivity in most applications. Then there is the network itself, with gateways, routers, switches, servers, and the backhaul framework ‒ all needing to handle the terabytes of traffic that endpoint devices will generate. Cloud computing and big-data systems will provide new services and applications for processing and utilizing that data, to turn it into valuable information. And developments in any part have an impact on all the others. You will need an understanding of the other parts as well as the sum of them all.

On IoT security issues check out Virtual Security in the Internet of Things and IoT Security Advice: Trust No One. There is a growing belief in the industry that security will be a major challenge in development of the Internet of Things (IoT).


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