TI Sensor Tag

I had a very quick hands-on with Texas Instruments CC2541 SensorTag last week. The CC2541 SensorTag is Bluetooth Smart development kit focused on wireless sensor applications targeted for smart phone app developers. The SensorTag can be used as reference design and development platform for a variety of smart phone accessories. CC2541 based SensorTag has practically all the commonly used sensors on a single board for quick evaluation and demonstration: TI’s TMP006 IR MEMS temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pressure sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. The communications with smart phone is done using Bluetooth low energy.

TI has a SensorTag App on the App Store providing developers easy access to the tools and software examples. The example firmware that comes with the SensorTag worked nicely with Android app that showed readings of different sensors. Interesting feature was the contactless IR temperature sensor. The module has Over-the-Air Download (OAD) support to update firmware when needed. Play shop has some more apps for this sensor tag (I have not tested them).

The device claims to support also iBeacon technology. SensorTag with iBeacon page provides instructions how to use that feature (I have not tested that).

The CC2541 SensorTag price is pretty reasonable $25 (available from Texas Instruments or third party distributors). I need to get one to do more testing.



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