Discrete component Pong game

This is nuts old-school hardware hacking reported at https://blog.hackster.io/video-pong-made-with-all-discrete-components-cbffe6a2721d and https://hackaday.com/2019/09/17/building-video-pong-with-discrete-components/. It seems that this was a slightly masochistic undertaking.

The trick is that this classic video game is made out of discrete components — it is 100% IC free. I like the beauty of it’s complex wiring! Look at the video of it:

There is also a nice project page at http://www.glensstuff.com/videopong/videopong.htm that describes the project, including the full interesting circuit diagram.

Atari’s original arcade Pong from 1972 was hybrid analog/digital, but made extensive use of digital IC’s (74xx, 93xx, etc.)


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