How printed circuit boards are made

Ever wanted to see how printed circuit boards are made at a professional production house? Advanced Circuits Tour web page is a photographic tour to Advanced Circuits, a PCB production house.

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Building Circuit Boards With an Inkjet Printer,industry_consumer,aid_269470&dfpLayout=blog

    The body of engineering knowledge combined with the Internet can lead to quick expertise in any area.

    A team from the University of Tokyo, Japan have created a way to print conductive ink onto a piece of paper from an everyday inkjet printer. This would allow hobbyists, engineers, or researchers a cheap, fast, and reliable way to quickly create and test PCB designs.

    Overall, the team’s work has shown us that printed circuits can be a reality soon. Teams working in labs can take advantage of the rapid prototyping it will allow as well as a hobbyist working from home. The technology may also be integrated with 3D printing or pick-and-place machines, which would open a whole new door in the electronics world. My intuition is that we will be seeing more of this technology soon and being applied in many more situations and applications.


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