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Dell laptop ground loop problems

Many laptops are pretty well known for having terrible audio interfaces. There are usually noise and grounding issues. A recent post Yet Another Dell Laptop Audio Grounding Problem blog posting documents a well known and horrendous audio problem found on many Dell laptops. I have faced problems with Dell laptop ground loops. And I have

Windows 8 on ARM

Windows 8 Release Expected in 2012 article says that Windows 8 will be with us in 2012. Windows 8 Features And Release Date article expect Windows 8 to be launched sometime in mid-late 2012. For details how Windows 8 looks take a look at Building “Windows 8″ – Video #1. For latest details check also

Starting your own electronic-kit business

Voices: 15 steps to starting your own electronic-kit business is an interesting article. This engineer started her own successful electronics-kit business. Limor Fried has made Adafruit Industries into a successful electronics-kit business. You can too. Based on her own experience, she offers 15 practical steps for engineers who dream of starting their own kit business.

Iron Sky Theatrical Trailer

Iron Sky is a science-fiction comedy film from the makers of small funny budget science-fiction comedy Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning (2005). Production of Iron Sky began in early 2006. I have met the film makers (they are from Finland) at Assembly computer festival when they talked about their forthcoming production some years ago. The

Audio tags

Audio tags are looking to become the new easier alternative to QR code: You don’t need to take a picture of anything in order for them to work. Why Lady Gaga Could Deploy a Sound Only Your Smartphone Can Hear article tells that a startup called SonicNotify embeds inaudibly high-pitched audio signals within music or

“Hacker Way”

In last week’s SEC filing, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg poked a huge hornet’s nest when he referenced “The Hacker Way.”. Facebook participates in some parts of the larger hacker culture it might have been a mistake for Zuckerberg to refer to Facebook as a company that embodies the hacker way according to Famous hackers discuss

Decide Which Parts of HTML5 and CSS 3 to Use

HTML5 is clearly the way to do web development today. Microsoft: The Web is better without plug-ins article tells that Microsoft began distancing itself from browser plug-ins last year starting with Internet Explorer on Windows 8′s Metro interface. Microsoft just said few days ago clearly: plug-ins are bad for the Web. Also Adobe is being

Arduino-powered glove

Carnegie Mellon HCI students bring your favorite action hero sound effects to life. Arduino-powered glove brings real sound effects to your make believe gun show article tells that a team from Carnegie Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction course have built a glove that does some interesting tricks. AHRG: Augmented Hyper-Reality Glove video gives you the idea how

Tin whiskers cause problems

“Tin whiskers” is not an imaginative, fanciful term for some aspect of electronics manufacturing.Tin whiskers are real, and they pose a serious problem for electronics of all types. Tin whiskers can could cause short circuits. The switch to alternative solders (away from traditional tin+lead solder) in order to achieve RoHS compliance has created some challenges