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Post HDTV resolution era

Television technology is developing rapidly. Consumers are just gaining access to the 3D TVs when the next disaster is already on the way. Maybe the next revolution is Super Resolution HD-TV. It seem stat we are entering post-fullHDTV resolution (1920×1080) era. Just few years ago full HD was considered the ultimate resolution that everybody were

Car power adapter with problems

I bought some time ago a 119338 Dual Car Cigarette Sockets Power Adapter with USB Power Port – Black (DC 12~24V) to replace the power adapter in the car that started failing. In hoped this product would fix the situation, but it turned out this was not a good fix. The specifications on the web

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 30th Anniversary

The ZX Spectrum is 30 years old. Sinclair ZX Spectrum 30th Anniversary is today. Happy birthday Spec. ZX Spectrum, the microcomputer launched in 1982 by Sinclair Research (Cambridge, UK) is seen by many today as the inspiration for a generation of eager young programmers, software and game designers in the UK. It has inspired many

New camera technologies: vision

I earlier write about new camera technologies concentrating on light field photography. There are many other new camera technologies that deserve to be mentioned. Is ‘vision’ the next-gen must-have user interface? article tells that IMS Research issued recently a press release questioning if Apple and the iPad are falling behind competitors in user interface technologies.

How 10 popular tech companies got their names

How 10 popular tech companies got their names article tells that you might be surprised to find out how some of global company names originated. What’s in a name? For these 10 companies, a lot; billions and billions of dollars as a matter of fact. Nowadays those companies make very calculated decisions on every move

A new IDE concept

Programming environments (IDEs) have been stayed pretty much similar for almost 20 years or so. We have a working environment and editor. Light Table – a new IDE concept article hints that that things could be different and more advanced if we want. Light Table – a new IDE concept article mentions that despite the

Secret world of submarine cables

Links between cities and cables that run alongside roads and into houses and officers are certainly impressive — and without them we wouldn’t have high speed internet. The secret world of submarine cables article tells that Internet’s largest and most important champions are the privately-owned submarine cables that orbit the Earth. The submarine telecommunications industry