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Android was not for smartphones

Today Android sits as the most dominant mobile operating system on the planet, but would you believe that the platform’s original concept was aimed at? Do you know what was it? It was not associated with mobile phones. Android’s original plan was revealed in a speech at the Japan New Economy Summit in Tokyo on

Finland is number one ICT country

Tietoviikko reports that Finland (my home country) is the world’s best IT country according to World Economic Forum study The Global Information Technology Report 2013. According to the study, Finland is the world’s number one country when it comes to the economy’s ability to use information technology to competitiveness and prosperity. Finland has toppled Sweden

10 Ways to Destroy an Arduino

10 Ways to Destroy an Arduino article tells how you can accidentally destroy Arduino board. Use a sledgehammer, fire a bullet at it, throw it into a pool….that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re going to show you how to electrically destroy your Arduino: Method #1: Shorting I/O Pins to Ground Method #2: Shorting I/O

Running Ethernet on old wiring

Twisted pair Ethernet (10 and 100 Mbit/s) uses two pairs of wires. 10BASE-T Ethernet was designed to be be used on CAT3 quality wiring. 100BASE-TX was designed to be used with CAT5 wiring or better. Since the early 2000s most new structured cable installations are built with Category 5e or Category 6 cable. There are

Friday Fun: Party robot bartender

Bartenders beware: A robotic drink-dispensing rig is aiming to steal your customers while pouring cocktail creations at the push of a touchscreen button. This Open Source Robot Bartender Pours the Perfect Mix article tells about bartender robot that the creators call Bartendro: Operated through an iPad interface, this device holds up to 15 bottles of

RC servo modification for continuous rotation

A standard hobby RC servo motor is designed to rotate through only 180 degrees. They are most often used in RC applications (like steering). The servo motor controlling is done with servo control pulses (1-2 ms pulse at around 50 Hz rate). More details on the control signals can be found at Servo protocol web

Linux system monitoring

Need to monitor Linux server performance? Try these built-in commands and a few add-on tools mentioned in 20 Linux System Monitoring Tools Every SysAdmin Should Know article. Most Linux distributions are equipped with tons of monitoring.

Panasonic PT-AE900E noise solving

I had been getting some intermittent noise from my Panasonic PT-AE900E video projector after some years of usage. It sounded like a dry bearing on a fan, but it turned out that it was iris that caused the problem. I decided to take a more look at this problems when I had time to change