USB Fume Extractor Idea

USB Fume Extractor project combines a small craft box, 12v case fan, aquarium carbon filter, dc boost converter and some basic electronic components to create a USB powered fume extractor which treats your lungs to some clean air when soldering. Check the USB Fume Extractor video how the project works:

USB Fume Extractor was designed to from a USB port and not require batteries or a wall wart. Note that the assumption here is that quickly blowing the toxic air over a cheapo carbon filter made for water is going to significantly remove the toxins. I am not sure how well it does that, but I think that it will not remove all the toxins but that it would be still far better than nothing. Maybe a filter specifically made for the purpose would be better.

The basic idea for DIY soldering fume extractor is good. I have also made years ago my own soldering fume extractor based on idea from a commercial Fume Extractor. I tool a quite big mains powered fan (from old computer hardware) and used the same filters as a commercial unit used (just ordered them as spare parts). It has worked well for many years. I have not seen the mains powering to be disadvantage because also the soldering iron works with mains power (if you plan to build your own check also this diy fume extractor plan also). Here you can see a part of my fume extractor on the right and center:


  1. powertechpollution says:

    Fume extractor manufacturers in Bangalore, India. Fume extraction system design is exextensively used for removal of fumes, mist, smoke, fine powder. Fume extractors which we manufacture can also be fitted with the self-balanced extractor arms of the varied lengths to provide with an extra flexibility in capturing the fumes.

  2. water filter system says:

    anybody can recommend a very good water form of filtration?

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Benchtop Fume Extractor Cuts the Cord, Clears the Air

    the solder fume extractor is one item that never seems to live in harmony with your workspace. They’re often noisy, they obstruct your vision, and a power cord draped across your bench is a sure way to ruin your soldering zen.

    To fix those problems, [Nate] has built a nice battery powered solder fume extractor that’s so low profile and so quiet, you won’t mind sharing a bench with it. Based on a standard 80-mm case fan, the extractor has a built-in 18650 battery for power and a USB charging port.


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