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Meeeno ACS712 Current Measuring Sensor

I needed to do some AC current measuring with Arduino, more accurately than with special AC current sensor I tested earlier. To do that measuring I bought Meeeno ACS712 Current Measuring Sensor Brick Module Board for Arduino. This is a picture of that module from   This module is pretty easy and safe way

MobilECG goes open source

Few days ago Hackaday reported that after a failed Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, MobilECG has gone open source. MobilECG is a medical grade 12 lead electrocardiograph that connects to USB port. It is designed to meet all the relevant medical standards (ISO 60601-1, etc.). It was designed to work with PCs, notebooks, and Android tablets. Records

Wire ferrule crimping tools

Wire Ferrules (sometimes called Cord End Sleeves) allow the easy and reliable connection of flexible leads to screw terminals. Ferrules are the preferred alternative to twisting wire strands or tinning the wire end (tinned ends should not be terminated in compression clamps). Industrial best practice is to NOT tin wires that are to be terminated

Overviews of Finnish Games Industry

The Finnish game industry has been growing dramatically during the past couple of years. An Overview of the $2.905 Billion Finnish Games Industry article says that the Finnish Game Industry is growing at a 39.5 percent growth rate because of some amazing game developers (SuperCell, Rovio, Remedy, etc.). The most well-known Finnish game companies are at the

Mobile World Congress 2014

Mobile World Congress 2014 starts today and goes on this week, which means that technology news will be filled with all kinds of mobile technology releases. Mobile World Congress 2014 tries to shape Mobile trends for 2014. I will follow what different news sources say on the event, and post links to most interesting mobile

Home Routers a Big Consumer Cyberthreat?

Home routers and firewalls are supposed to make users easy and safely connect many devices to their Internet connection. Those devices were advertised to make your Internet safer. In many cases they helped, but more and more often they itself be a real security problem. Strange but saddly true. Home Routers Pose Biggest Consumer Cyberthreat

Art of Photographing at Olympics and Zero-G

Here are links to some interesting articles on professional photography. The Inside Story of How Olympic Photographers Get Such Stunning Images article tells how the AP and Getty Images, two of the biggest photo agencies on the scene, get their incredible photos from the Olympics to the United States. Digital photography has completely changed the

Cybersecurity framework for critical infrastructure

White House pushes cybersecurity framework for critical infrastructure article tells that U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration has releases a new cybersecurity framework. It aims to help operators of critical infrastructure develop comprehensive cybersecurity programs. It tries to drive changes in the way organizations deal with cybersecurity, which is not always in good shape based constant flow of

Cheap USB microscope on test

When electronics gets smaller and smaller, you first need a magnifier and sometimes a microscope. There are cheap small microscopes like one I used in my DIY fiber optic microscope article. The downside of traditional microscopes and those cheap small pocket microscopes is that you have to stay curved over the target sample to use