New European, U.S. data transfer pact agreed | Reuters

European and U.S. negotiators agreed a data pact on Tuesday that should prevent European Union regulators from restricting data transfers by companies such as Google and Amazon across the Atlantic.

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    It killed Safe Harbor. Will Europe’s highest court now kill off hyperlinks?
    Intriguing legal case over leaked Playboy pics may impact web

    The European Court of Justice heard arguments in a case Wednesday that may have internet-wide consequences, since it considers the legal nature of hyperlinks.

    The continent’s highest court, which recently annulled the Safe Harbor agreement that covered transatlantic data flows, is now considering whether people should have to consider whether material is infringing copyright before posting a hyperlink to it.

    It will also decide whether there are effectively two types of hyperlink: one that points to easily findable public resources (like news articles) and one that points to specific files or locations that would not be easily discoverable, e.g., zip files held on obscure servers.

    Fairly obviously, the implications are huge.


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