Smartphone Cameras Peek Around Corners by Analyzing Patterns of Light – IEEE Spectrum

 Magically seeing around corners to spot moving people or objects may not rank first in most people’s superhero daydreams. But MIT researchers have shown how they could someday bestow that superpower upon anyone with a smartphone.

Their secret to peeking around corners is detecting slight differences in light patterns reflected from moving objects or people. Those reflected light patterns form subtle variations in the shadowy area near the base of each corner. 

Seeing Around Corners Isn’t Magic, But It’s Close


New camera technology: See around corners


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Scientists Show How The Human Eye Is Capable Of “Ghost Imaging”

    A 2017 paper, which goes into both quantum and classic variants, describes it as “imaging using light that has never physically interacted with the object to be imaged.” This essentially means that the visualization of something is happening without the object being directly observed. How is that possible?


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