FrostBite IoT dev board

Sundelin & Kouri Engineering Ltd launched a completely new C++-based platform and development board for accelerated IoT and embedded development called FrostBite. The new board, Frostbite, is based on Nordic’s nRF52840 SoC silicon, featuring powerful 64MHz ARM Cortex M4F CPU, 256K of RAM and 1M of on-chip flash memory, on-chip soft radio for multitude of protocols including Bluetooth 5 and Thread, and a wide array of advanced peripherals including crypto accelerator. Frostbite includes on-chip microSD card slot, eXecute-In-Place (XIP) flash, SEGGER-compatible debugger connector.

The board supports multitude of protocols including Bluetooth 5 and Thread. The board can be powered by 5V USB or 3.0-4.2V Li-Ion/LiPo batteries. The board has integrated battery charging, protection and management.

Typical power draw is between 2.0µA in sleep and 5.0 mA peak on maximum TX power. The form-factor is breadboard friendly.

The FrostBite board is programmable by either Nordic Semiconductor’s SDK, or using a new modern C++ -based framework called SnowFlake IoT. The SnowFlake IoT is a new, open-source IoT platform supporting the latest C++17 standards and asynchronous programming. It includes realtime, multithreaded µOS++ IIIe framework.

I have seen the prototypes of the board and development kit, and they loop promising. I know the developers.

The board is available now at Indiegogo campaign at

Available Frostbite Mega kit includes two breadboard-friendly Frostbite boards, an atmospheric sensor card, USB host card and adapter for Arduino shields. Possible applications include for example home automation, weather stations, or indoor air quality and health.



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