Second set of 5G standards ratified | EDN
The specifications for the standalone version of 5G New Radio (SA 5G NR) are now set. It represents progress, and it was delivered on schedule.

Those who participated in the development of the new standard called it “a major milestone”

NSA 5G NR enables wireless network operators to upgrade their 4G networks with advanced communications technologies.
The essential new element of the spec approved last week – SA 5G NR – is an end-to-end architecture.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    IMS2018: 5G research is far from over–5G-research-is-far-from-over?utm_source=Aspencore&utm_medium=EDN&utm_campaign=social

    While some 5G products – radios, power amplifiers, and phased arrays – have begun to appear and many more are in development and prototyping, research continues at universities around the world. After all, once you get a technology to work, you then must optimize it for performance, cost, and manufacturability. A technical session held at the 2018 International Microwave Symposium on Wednesday, June 13 called “5G Sub-Systems: From Predistortion to Complete Link” highlighted research in phased array antennas, MIMO, and mmWave technologies.


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