Steve Gibson’s Three Router Solution to IOT Insecurity

Here are some useful tips for securing networks that have IoT devices:

Even before the formulation of the term “Internet of things”, Steve Gibson had proposed home networking topology changes designed to deal with this looming IoT security threat. Unfortunately it seems that only little or no thought is given to the security aspects of the most devices in this rapidly growing market.

One of Steve’s proposed network topology adjustments involved daisy-chaining two routers together. It makes sense.

The latest third (and hopefully final) foray into the magical land to securing our home networks against the Internet of Things. With this iteration Steve moved us to a three-router solution that makes a lot of sense.

Maintaining three separate purpose-driven subnets makes a lot of sense in both home and commercial applications.

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  1. Alok Pandey says:

    Great article Tomi! It’s informative.
    Really helps for IoT. Developments are increasing day by day in IoT, and everyone concerns about the networks safety. Great idea of daisy chaining two routers.
    Want to see more on this in future.



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