5G at Teknologia 2019

I visited Teknologia 2019 fair today in Helsinki Finland.

Etteplan had an interesting 5G demonstration at the event.

The 5G base station high on wall. In understood that it worked at frequency somewhere between 3400-3800 MHz.

There was a Nokia 5G router that made connection through the 5G base station to Telia data center at Pitäjänmäki (was know as Sonera data center when they started building it).

The smaller PoE powered 4G/5G Nokia Base station on top of rack was at 2600 MHz band. On the bottom left there is base station controller server PC and on the right local edge server.

This is now 5G was demonstrated today. I had a good talk on how those millisecond delays on 5G are only possible when connected to local edge server and when going to external resources, you easily get 10-100 milliseconds of delay on fixed Internet network. Also in video applications there video encoding and decoding delays can be significant compared to 5G radio network delay, for example 3 frames delay in H.264 in 30 images per second video will mean almost 100 milliseconds of delay from video coding itself.



  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    One company in Finland made 3D printed metal case that has Electronics (ESP32 based IoT) embedded inside during printing process


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