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USB cable videos

Here are some hopefully interesting to you videos on USB cables: Inside a Popular Amazon USB Cable How USB Cable Quality Affects Charge Rate Does USB cable quality matter? According to this video the cheap cable charges at only 2.7 watts while the other two higher quality cables charge the power bank at over 13

Christmas lights technology revisited

It is the time of year that people start to install light decoration to their house. So it is a good idea to check again this post from one year ago; Christmas lights can be a beautiful sight to behold. Stringing lights around your home can be a real safety hazard if you’re not

Needling Your Projects: 3D Printed PCB Probing Jig Trying to probe a modern electronic circuit with tiny SMD components, without letting the magic smoke escape in the process, can be quite a challenge. [Giuseppe Finizia] solved this problem with a 3D printed PCB probing jigthat uses acupuncture needles. [Jonathon Oxer] from the YouTube channel SuperHouse did a very nice video on the

Arduino Pro IDE (alpha preview) with advanced features Arduino has a new interesting looking IDE coming. Now in Alpha version. The Arduino Pro IDE is a completely new Development Environment for Arduino Programming based on Arduino CLI, Eclipse Theia Open Source IDE and Electron framework. The Arduino Pro IDE promises to bring new features for advanced users whilst retaining continuity with the

5G at Teknologia 2019

I visited Teknologia 2019 fair today in Helsinki Finland. Etteplan had an interesting 5G demonstration at the event. The 5G base station high on wall. In understood that it worked at frequency somewhere between 3400-3800 MHz. There was a Nokia 5G router that made connection through the 5G base station to Telia data center at

VGA to SCART adapters

Some time ago I saw  The ultimate VGA to SCART adapter project at Hackaday with description: Accurate recreation of vintage arcades is becoming increasingly difficult. CRT monitors are rare nowadays and, even if you find one, it will probably not support the 15.7Khz horizontal frequency used by many old arcades. A good alternative is a