Hot air soldering videos 2

SparkFun Hot Air Rework with David Stillman

PACE Inc. Soldering SMD fine pitch component (8a) Hot Air Mini Wave Soldering

How to solder a 1206 SMD resistor with solder paste (caution, very delicate)

Surface Mount (SMD) Hot Air Soldering

Soldering an xDrip PCB, Part 1

Easy way to Solder Surface Mount Parts! – How I do it

SMD soldering: paste, components placement, hot air soldering

Soldering SMD diodes – Soldering of several types of SMD diodes, with iron and hot air.

MPU9250/QFN package soldering

Soldering QFN easily

Align and Install a BGA with Hot Air

Hand soldering leadless surface mount ICs without solder paste – SMT/SMD Tutorial

HowTo SMD Soldering


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    BGA Soldering And Inspection

    If you want to build cool things these days, you’ve probably had to master surface mount electronics. However, for many people, ball grid array (BGA) is still intimidating. Have a look at [VoltLog’s] video about his techniques for soldering BGA and inspecting that you managed to do it right.

    He’s got quite a few tips about things like surface finish and flux selection. It looks easy when he does it. Of course, having a good PCB with good registration markings will help too.

    Best Technique For Soldering & Inspecting BGA Chips – Voltlog #352

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    How To Make A Hot Air Gun Simple At Home

    How to Make Hot Air Gun from Soldering Iron

    How to Make Hot Air Gun from Soldering Iron


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