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Adjustable RF attenuator

RF attenuators are essentially electrical resistor circuits that are put in line with an RF signal and reduce the signal strength. The amount of resistances used is what determines the amount of attenuation. Basic circuits used in attenuators are pi pads (π-type) and T pads. The lost power in the attenuator is converted into heat.

Arduino humidity sensors

Humidity meters are a useful device to help to ensure that your home or workplace is kept at a reasonable humidity. It is a good idea to monitor the humidity to avoid problems caused by dampness or extreme dry conditions. Here are videos and links a look at how they humidity sensors work and how

James Webb telescope

The American space agency has achieved a major milestone in its preparation of the new James Webb Space Telescope. James Webb telescope mirror alignments has been finished, and the results are exceeding expectations. Still some work to go before actual science operation can start. NASA’s Webb Reaches Alignment Milestone, Optics Working Successfully James Webb:

Master-1 radiation meter

Many of us are unknowingly exposed to some level radioactive radiation every day. There is always some background radiation. Even some common household items can be a source of radiation. Radiation meters allow you to know the amount of radiation on your environment. Typically this type of meters are used for letting you know if

New Spectre-v2 vulnerability

Meltdown and Spectre are vulnerabilities in modern computers that can be used to leak passwords and sensitive data. Meltdown and Spectre exploit critical vulnerabilities in modern processors. These hardware vulnerabilities allow programs to steal data which is currently processed on the computer. The vulnerabilities were found in 2017 by several researches, but were kept secret

Unusual aircraft GPS interference

Finland’s Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom, has issued a public announcement informing of an unusual spike in GPS interference near the country’s eastern border. According to reports, the interference isn’t limited to Finland but also affects Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and the broader Baltic region. This spoofing is relatively easy because the actual GPS signal is

Friday Fun: Kreosan English

Kreosan aka Alexander Kryukov is a famous YouTuber from Ukraine. Kreosan is an Ukrainian Youtubers Offer Wacky Experiments, With A Side Of War & Immigration. Kreosan is recognized and pretty famous among the Mass Media all over the world. He creates with his team crazy things with electricity and other potentially dangerous things in the

Cyber attack maps

Cyber attacks happen all the time. There are many real-time cyber attack maps on-line. Articles Top 15 Live Cyber Attack Maps for Visualizing Digital Threat Incidents and 7 Live Cyber Attack Maps list many maps. Some are funny, some seem ominous, and all of them tell a story that words alone cannot: cyber attacks never

Ukraine-Russia cyber war

Ukraine and Russia seems to be at the moments on both traditional and cyber war. We could call that hybrid warfare. We are at a cyber war. Countless examples exist of damage to infrastructure from hostile acts via computer attacks. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been a hybrid war from the start, a mix of