EU approves effective ban on new fossil fuel cars from 2035

Carmakers must achieve a 100% cut in CO2 emissions by 2035. The European Union struck a deal on Thursday on a law to effectively ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars (and vans) from 2035 in the 27-country bloc. The deal also included a 55% cut in CO2 emissions for new cars sold from 2030 versus 2021 levels, much higher than the existing target of a 37.5% reduction by then. Negotiators agreed on Thursday that the EU will draft a proposal on how cars that run on “CO2 neutral fuels” could be sold after 2035. The European Parliament and member states will now have to formally approve the agreement before it comes into force.

The aim is to speed up the switch to electric vehicles and combat climate change.
“This deal is good news for car drivers… new zero-emission cars will become cheaper, making them more affordable and more accessible to everyone,” Parliament’s lead negotiator Jan Huitema said.
The European Parliament said the deal is a “clear signal ahead of the UN COP27 Climate Change Conference that the EU is serious about adopting concrete laws to reach the more ambitious targets set out in the EU Climate Law”.
Greenpeace said the 2035 deadline is too late to limit global warming to below 1.5C (2.7F).


EU reaches deal on law banning sale of new fuel-powered cars starting 2035

EU approves effective ban on new fossil fuel cars from 2035

EU reaches deal to ban sale of new combustion-engine cars by 2035

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