Raspberry Pi

Meet the New Raspberry Pi 3, Model B+

https://blog.hackster.io/meet-the-new-raspberry-pi-3-model-b-2783103a147 This new version is based around the same 64-bit quad-core Broadcom BCM2837 processor as its predecessor, but now clocked at 1.4GHz rather than 1.2GHz. This means that the new Raspberry Pi board will run only moderately (around 15%) faster. It comes with the same 1GB of LPDDR2 SDRAM as its predecessor. Video: https://youtu.be/-Q_3pqoJWos More:

Arduino Blog » You can now use Arduino to program Linux IoT devices

https://blog.arduino.cc/2018/03/13/you-can-now-use-arduino-to-program-linux-iot-devices/ Arduino Create users can now manage and program a wide range of popular Linux SBCs like the UP² board, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone. Today, at Embedded Linux Conference 2018, Arduino announced the expansion of the number of architectures supported by its Arduino Create platform for the development of IoT applications. With this new release,

Announcing “Project Things” – An open framework for connecting your devices to the web. – The Mozilla Blog

https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2018/02/06/announcing-project-things-open-framework-connecting-devices-web/ Last year Mozilla kicked off “Project Things”, with the goal of building a decentralized ‘Internet of Things’ that is focused on security, privacy, and interoperability. Mozilla believes that the future of connected devices should be more like the open web. The future should be decentralized. There are ongoing standardization efforts around the “Web of

Should I Create a Proof-of-Concept Prototype for My New Product?

https://predictabledesigns.com/faq-should-i-create-a-proof-of-concept-poc-prototype-for-my-new-product/ As the name implies, the purpose of a proof-of-concept (POC) prototype is to prove your product concept. A POC answers if a product is feasible. In most cases a POC prototype is only used internally to determine the practicality of a new product. Customers will rarely see a POC prototype. So do you need

Industrial IoT Gateway Based on Android Things – Hackster.io

https://www.hackster.io/mhanuel/industrial-iot-gateway-based-on-android-things-c680d1 This project is a proof of concept of an Industrial Gateway based on Android Things.  Android Things allow to cut development time of the gateway by facilitating the integration with required interfaces such as Ethernet, UART, SPI and I2C. Android Things can be used in common SBC such as Raspberry Pi to have a quick

7 considerations to make when securing your Raspberry Pi

https://opensource.com/article/17/3/iot-security-raspberry-pi?sc_cid=7016000000127ECAAY The Raspberry Pi and many other inexpensive computer boards like it have become part of the “Internet of Things” or IoT revolution.  Because your Raspberry Pi is a Linux system, most advice for security on larger systems applies to your project, too.  Find out what sensible steps you can take to protect your Raspberry Pi

Scientists Connect A Human Brain To The Internet For The First Time | IFLScience

http://www.iflscience.com/brain/scientists-connect-human-brain-internet-first-time/ According to a press release, the team of neuroscientists and engineers have used an electroencephalogram (EEG) – a device that detects electrical signals in the brain – to transmit neurological activity to a cheap Raspberry Pi computer. This then live streams the data to a program running on a website that anyone can view at any time.

Secure Your Raspberry Pi Against Attackers

https://makezine.com/2017/09/07/secure-your-raspberry-pi-against-attackers/ Raspberry Pi boards are fantastic for any project — they’re cheap, easy to use, can run a wide range of possible operating systems, and provide programmable GPIO pins as well as multi-core CPU availability and multiple USB ports. You can use Raspberry Pi boards for all kinds of automation and information gathering projects. But,