LED lamp lifetime

LED light manufacturers are often claiming 50,000 hours or more for lighting lifetime. Unfortunately many times those lifetime expectations are not met. Usually the makers of those high those lifetime promises forget to include the lifetime and reliability of all components, and the real-world thermal conditions the LEDs are subjected too.

Just a few years ago, LEDs operated at such low power that they didn’t need any special cooling. But as LEDs have grown brighter and more powerful, thermal management has rapidly becoming a necessity. Designers need to understand that accurate thermal modeling as well as component selection will ensure their lighting designs meet their reliability and lifetime numbers.



  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Lifetime of An LED

    Researching the different LED vendors and their datasheets, the common theme is proper heat sink and thermal management of silicon junction temperature extends the lifetime of the LEDs. Look for lifetime versus junction temperature graphs in LED vendor datasheets that accounts for lumens depreciation.

    For example, L70 notation means that light output is 30 percent less than initial output. It is the percentage decrease that a “typical” eye starts to detect a decrease in light output.

    Thermal management of LEDs is half the effort to ensure the advertised lifetime. The LED power supply or driver design is the other factor for lifetime. When the LED does not work, the end user does not care if it is caused by LED’s lumens depreciation or the LED power supply that failed.

    Because LEDs are non-linear (varying forward voltage versus forward current) devices, a constant current LED driver or power supply is required.

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    LED lamps promises a lot, such as a long service life and large savings in electricity bills. Finnish manufacturer ledivaloputkien Valtavalo by cheap supermarket lamps is not wise to rely on.

    - Consumer-oriented cheap LED lamps are often certainly not fulfill the promised lifespan. This is due to the fact that they use poor quality parts poorly assembled, says Valtavalo Markku Laatikainen.

    The market is pushed all the time ledikomponentteja still at a lower price. A large part of these come from Asian, especially Chinese factories. – The range of prices in the world leditarjonnassa is in a word, huge. At the same intended use of the cheapest and most expensive component of the price difference between vo be many times higher.

    - Typically, the electronics saves often these components, which shortens the life of the product significantly. In fact, ledikomponentit sustainable today often at least for long enough, but enimäkseen driving current is transformed into heat, the mechanical design and the power supply electrolytic capacitors determine the actual service life of LED lamps, Laatikainen image.

    Source: http://www.etn.fi/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2322:valtavalo-halpa-ledilamppu-ei-kesta&catid=13&Itemid=101


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