Save online videos for off line viewing

Nowadays Internet if full of videos you can watch. Sometimes you might want to watch videos in place where you don’t have fast Internet connection. A good solution to this problem is to save the videos you want to your computer hard disk and view them from there.

In many on-line video sites you can more or less easily fin the URL to video file and download the using it. This works on many free to view video sites, but does not usually work on sites where you pay to view video content (they use DRM and other methods to try to stop this).

There are tools that allow you to copy video from Internet to your hard disk. Here is some tools I recommend.

Video DownloadHelper Firefox Extension is an easy way to download and convert Web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites. Just surf the Web as you are used to, when DownloadHelper detects it can do something for you, the icon gets animated and a menu allows you to download files by simply clicking an item. If the video format that comes from the site is not what you want to use, you can setup the extension to automatically convert the downloaded movies to your preferred video format.

I have been using Elisa Viihde service for watching TV. Elisa Viihde allows me to record TV programs to Elisa servers and watch them later using IPTV technology. The service allows easily to watch the recorded programs on PC (using VLC plugin on web browser). The normal service does not have built-in option to downloaded recorded programs. I have found that free eViihde software allows me to download videos stored to Elisa servers easily.

I have found VLC to be the best program for viewing the videos I have stored on my hard disk.


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