AudioVisual Helsinki 2013

AudioVisual Helsinki 2013 fair starts tomorrow. International Audio Visual exhibition will bring together the Helsinki Fair Centre from 13 to 15.11.2013 professionals, planners, decision-makers, audio-visual equipment, systems and services to the purchasing companies and educational institutions representatives, event producers and organizers, as well as the major product and service providers, and organizations.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Cheapest price roller audio- procurement , life cycle costs are ignored – More expensive equipment in use can save you tens of thousands

    Finnish companies and organizations save significantly if instead of a mere cost considerations of audiovisual equipment throughout the life-cycle costs . For example, LED lamps can save running costs by up to 50 per cent. Audio Visual Helsinki 2013 exhibition offers practical information on life-cycle costs from 13 to 15.11.2013.

    - Finland has audio-visual equipment life-cycle thinking a developing country. Most of the subscribers to select the cheapest price of the product , and only a very few can or wants to calculate the cost of the product throughout its life cycle . Elsewhere in the world the appropriate attention has been paid for many years, says Avita Association’s Executive Director , and Audio Visual 2013 Helsinki Exhibition arrangements Timo Tuominen .

    Life-cycle cost means the aggregate of all the costs that arise for the specified life cycle. Audio-visual equipment are the most important operating, service and maintenance costs . The total expenses also affect the equipment to malfunction or maintenance outages caused by system downtime .

    - I’ve been watching the TV studio lighting modernization project , with the traditional studio lights replaced with LED lamps. Light output was unchanged , but the lighting electricity consumption decreased by more than 90 per cent. In addition, the energy used for cooling close to 100 per cent less . These tasks , as well as less likely to cut maintenance costs by more than 50 per cent , which means more than 70 000 euros in annual savings.

    - This is big money , and I am concerned about items of public audio-visual equipment repair debt. There are several dozens of 60-80 classes comprising training centers , with audio-visual systems require modernization of 3-6 years.


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