“Classic” Live Mic List

There are as many opinions about microphones as there are sound engineers. The people who have worked a long time in the field have experimented with many microphones, but what if you’re just starting out, or you need to mic something you haven’t worked with before?

The writer of Control Geek blog decided to develop a list of “classic” live mics for live sound. It started with “Classic” Live Mic survey this month and now the results have been published.

“Classic” Live Mic List Survey Results! posting has an interesting list of microphones, some which I have used and many I am not familiar with. As I expected well known Shure microphone models like very classic Shure SM58 were mentioned very often in “most commonly used” category. This is an interesting list to go though if you are working with live audio.





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  1. James says:

    The Shape of the (Mic) looks stunning!


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