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Sinclair Spectrum home computer from 1980′s is making a comeback?

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Sinclair is back with the Spectrum Vega … just as rubbish as the ZX
    Something a little sad about Sir Clive revisiting his old hit

    The Spectrum fanbois at Retro Computers have enlisted the help of Sir Clive to launch a new crowd-funded Spectrum clone. The Sinclair Spectrum Vega is a console that plays games from the ’80s – complete with piezo speaker-generated sound and attribute clash.

    The Vega is being marketed by Retro Computers Ltd, a Luton-based startup in which Sir Clive’s company Sinclair Research Ltd is a shareholder.

    The press release says:
    The Sinclair Spectrum Vega is as simple to use as any of the popular games consoles, but far less expensive. It plugs into a TV so the user does not need a computer monitor, and it comes complete with around 1,000 games built in.

    Retro has licensed the name and the ROM code from Sky In-Home Service Ltd to develop the Vega, which “uses a low cost micro-controller and a clever piece of software that enable the Vega to run all of the games, 14,000 or more of them, that were developed during the years when some 5 million of the original Sinclair Spectrum were being sold.”

    The company claims: “Development of the product is complete, and a fully functioning prototype is ready to go into production.”

    The new Spectrum is being Crowdfunded on Indegogo, and one of the limited edition Vegas whill set you back £100 and you must allow 28 days for delivery will be available in April… presumably not the 1st. The run is limited to 1,000 units but if it does well – and it seems to be going a storm on Indegogo – Paul Andrews, managing director of Retro, plans a retail product.

    Vega uses RCA composite video to plug into a goggle box. However, the Reg was told power will come through an HDMI lead.

    Putting 1,000 games in ROM presents the slight problem that Retro doesn’t actually own the rights to them and so has issued an open letter to rights-holders to get in touch and will be approaching them directly.

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Sir Clive Sinclair interview, ZX Spectrum relaunched for retro gameplay–ZX-Spectrum-relaunched-for-retro-gameplay?_mc=NL_EDN_EDT_EDN_today_20141210&cid=NL_EDN_EDT_EDN_today_20141210&elq=74338f0c2fb74ad88516d8ddfd90e6bb&elqCampaignId=20600

    Sir Clive Sinclair needs no introduction, at least not to those of us who’ve been in the industry for a while, or are familiar with 1970s-era calculators and 80s-era computers.

    Sinclair’s next machine was even more successful. 1982’s ZX Spectrum demonstrated phenomenal longevity, going through many incarnations over the next ten years.

    And it’s the Spectrum that concerns us again today, as Retro Computers Ltd. and Sir Clive Sinclair announce a reborn machine aimed squarely at gaming: the Spectrum Vega.

    The Vega implements an ARM-based software-emulated recreation of the original Spectrum machines, but what really stands out is that it’s expected to ship with 1,000 games pre-loaded, as well as the ability to load (via an SD card) and run any of the thousands of other games that have been written for the platform. This looks like a must-have machine for retro gamers, and at £100, for almost everyone else too!

    [EDN] Congratulations! I’m not surprised the Spectrum Vega reached its funding goal in a couple of days – there seems to be much interest in retro games these days. Is this just a fun side project for you, or do you have higher hopes for it down the line?

    [Sir Clive Sinclair] Thank you. No, this is not just a fun side project. It is a very serious project and already has a lot of support from the Spectrum community. It is a little early to be talking about our longer-term plans, but we certainly don’t see this as being the only product we develop and launch.

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Crowdfunded ZX Spectrum revival just days from shipment
    You’d need to connect it to your Deja VDU

    The remake of the Sinclair Spectrum from Retro Computers is about to ship.

    Despite our suggestion that it was a rubbish idea

    quite a few must have put their money where their mouse is – as the first 1,000 Vegas sold out shortly after our article appeared.

    The first working pre-production prototype Vega is now on display at Game City, the National Video Game museum in Nottingham, where you can see the Vega cycling through screens showing a few of its games.

    One of the major gripes from potential customers, not least in the comments to our article, was the limited number of buttons on the prototype’s keyboard. Retro has added a few more buttons to address this and an expansion port.

    Retro has also been petitioning games rights holders to allow their code to be used on the Vega and will be publishing the full list next Monday.

  4. Tomi Engdahl says:

    ZX Spectrum Vega+ will ship on time, developer claims amid doubts
    Oi, where’s my retro games console?

    Retro Computers, the biz behind the Sinclair-compatible ZX Spectrum Vega+ handheld console, is rebutting claims by critics that the gizmo will not be ready in time for its target launch date.

    Earlier this week, Retro Computers announced to the world that the ZX Spectrum Vega+ is to get an official launch on October, as reported by El Reg, and will be available to purchase in the run-up to Christmas.

    This sparked claims from some sources alleging that Retro Computers and its manufacturing partner SMS Electronics had not actually got as far as building any hardware, and that the October date was effectively going to be nothing more than a paper launch.

    Sinclair fans rejoice: ZX Spectrum Vega+ to launch October 20
    Dead-flesh keyboard not included

  5. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Sinclair ZX Vega+ funding campaign halted by Indiegogo

    Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo intervened to stop a handheld retro computer console campaign from acquiring further funding, the BBC has learned.

    The Spectrum ZX Vega+, backed by Sir Clive Sinclair, had achieved its original crowdfunding target.

    But then Indiegogo halted further fundraising because of delivery delays and a lack of communication to backers.

    The project’s organisers had asked the BBC not to reveal the development.

    The BBC understands no consoles have been delivered to backers, despite a pledge last month that they would “ship after 20 Feb 2017″.

    RCL had already received more than £513,000 ($624,000) from Indiegogo crowdfunders for the Vega+ .

    And before the fundraising campaign was halted, the project had been listed as “in demand” to allow new people to become backers, despite having already reached its funding target.

    RCL originally said the new Spectrum ZX Vega+ was due to go into production in the summer of 2016 and it might even “be able to improve on this delivery date”.

    But in December 2016, after the BBC contacted RCL to ask about the status of the Vega+, the broadcaster was threatened with legal action.

  6. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Indiegogo Calls Time On The ZX Vega

    It has been an exciting time to be a retro computer enthusiast in recent years, and the availability of affordable single board computers, systems-on-chip, and FPGAs have meant that retro hardware could be accurately reproduced or emulated. A host of classic micros have been reborn, to delight both the veterans who had the originals, and a new crop of devotees.

    Today we have news of the impending demise of one of the higher-profile projects. The ZX Vega+ is a handheld Sinclair Spectrum console bearing the Sinclair name that came with an impeccable pedigree in that it had the support of the man himself. It seemed like a good proposition on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, and when it made its debut there in early 2016 it attracted over half a million pounds worth of backing in short order. Things soon went sour though

    It’s fair to say that the ZX Vega saga has been a tortuous and rather sordid one, out of which few players emerge smelling of roses.

    Hear that? Of course it’s Indiegogo’s deadline for a Vega+ whooshing by
    Says Retro Computers Limited debt collection is still happening – but where’s the money gone?

    Updated Crowdfunding website Indiegogo has said it will continue its process for calling in debt collectors as another product delivery deadline sailed past for flailing ZX Spectrum reboot firm Retro Computers Ltd.


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