How to Fix Everything

How to Fix Everything article is a profile of iFixit, the company helping us continue doing DIY repairs on modern electronics.

“Normally if I purchase a hammer, if the head of the hammer falls off, I’m allowed to repair it”

Manufacturers have attempted to use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to claim that they own the software that makes an electronic an electronic, and tampering with that software is a copyright violation.

iFixit tries to fight against this by publishing tear-down reports, repair instructions and selling special tools.



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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    CRT Cataract Surgery

    Back in the good old days, people got their information by staring into particle accelerators that could implode at any moment, and we liked it that way, by gum! To protect against disaster, CRT monitors were equipped with a safety screen laminated to the front of the tube. Decades of use often resulted in degradation of the glue used to hold the safety glass on, leading to the dread disease of “CRT cataracts.”

    Luckily for aficionados of vintage terminals, [John Sutley] has come up with a cure for CRT cataracts. The video below shows the straightforward but still somewhat fussy process from start to finish.

    VTV: CRT Cataracts–9tQBbPf0

    A (relatively) brief tutorial on removing CRT cataracts from old screens.


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