Internet of Exploits (IoE)

I recommend that we start using new term I heard at event: Internet of Exploits (IoE) is to be used to describe the current and future situation of network being filled exploitable Internet of Things (IoT) and other poorly secured networked devices.

We were sold the idea of Internet of Everything (IoE) and what we got is Internet of Exploits (IoE).



  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    New Linux/Rakos threat: devices and servers under SSH scan (again)

    Apparently, frustrated users complain more often recently on various forums about their embedded devices being overloaded with computing and network tasks. What these particular posts have in common is the name of the process causing the problem. It is executed from a temporary directory and disguised as a part of the Java framework, namely “.javaxxx”. Additional names like “.swap” or “kworker” are also used. A few weeks ago, we discussed the recent Mirai incidents and Mirai-connected IoT security problems in The Hive Mind: When IoT devices go rogue and all that was written then still holds true.

    The Hive Mind: When IoT devices go rogue

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has been referred to by so many different names in the past year: The Internet of Terror, the Internet of Trash and a few other catchy monikers to account for the large amount of vulnerabilities present in new devices that are increasingly present in many homes.


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