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Jeremy Reimer’s long-running History of the Amiga series is interesting reading for those who remember Commodore Amiga from their childhood. When it first arrived, the Amiga was a dream machine…


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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Almost An Amiga For Not A Lot

    For Amiga enthusiasts without the eye-watering sums required to secure one of the new Amiga-compatible machines with a PowerPC or similar at its heart, the only option to relive the glory beside finding an original machine is to run an emulator. [Marco Chiapetta] takes us through this process using a Raspberry Pi, and produces an Amiga that’s close enough to the real thing to satisfy most misty-eyed enthusiasts.

    He starts with a cutesy Amiga-themed Raspberry Pi case

    We’re taken through the set-up of the Amibian emulator distro, then locating a set of Amiga ROMs. Fortunately that last step is easier than you might think, even without trawling for an illicit copy.

    Build A Killer Amiga Emulator For Under $100 With The Raspberry Pi 3
    Read more at https://hothardware.com/reviews/amiga-emulator-with-raspberry-pi-3#7fjr0WEtwVE8RuJr.99

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Amibian is what you need to transform your raspberry pi3 into an Amiga.


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