Second bad fluorescent starter

On my earlier Bad safety starter posting I told about problems in one electronic fluorescent starter Axxel S10. I was wondering if this was a problem was on just this one unit I had or was it a more widespread problem problem (manufacturing or design error). Now I suspect manufacturing or design problems, because second fluorescent starter Axxel S10 has also issues.




As you can see on the last picture there is one very black resistor on the right. It looks like it has heated too much.

This resistor seems to be the exactly same resistor as the one that was seen burned in this Bad safety starter posting picture:

I suspect that the manufacturer has used here a resistor that has too low power rating, so it overheats during normal use. Those both starters were just few months old.

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    When I found about this quality issue, I also informed the local electrical safety orgaization Tukes
    ( ) on the issues I had found.

    They actually reponded quite quickly to my report. They had also received another similar report and had the product in question to be tested. According to the tests (I received a copy of test report) they had found out that the product will fail sometimes, but they had not considered it to be so dangerous that selling it should be banned (low quality product but not too dangerous).


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