Perf+ prototyping board

Stripboard is the generic name (also known as Veroboard) for a widely used type of electronics prototyping board characterized by a 0.1 inch (2.54 mm) regular (rectangular) grid of holes, with wide parallel strips of copper cladding running in one direction all the way across one side of the board. Stripboard is available from many vendors. Stripboards have evolved over time into several variants and related products.

Yesterday I got to my hands one Perf+. It is a re-invented version of stripboard prototyping circuit board. Perf+: The Perfboard Reinvented run a successful Kickstarter campaign for what it calls a “Perf+ is a revolutionary prototyping board designed for ease of use and flexibility“. And they were so successful that they even made improved version Perf+ 2. Products are available from Perf+ Store.



Perf+ is a jumper wire free electronic prototyping board designed for electronics enthusiasts to make electronic prototyping hassle free, easier and faster. Perf+ has the advantage of not requiring any jumper cables over traditional prototyping methods such as stripboards and veroboards. Perf+ is a double sided circuit board with perpendicular traces on each side. The holes are through-planted but they are not connected to the traces. You can connect the component holes to the races as needed with a little bit of solder between hole and trace. This allows signal routing in many ways. There is Windows/.NET editor for Perf+ prototyping perboards that should help you to make the right connections. 



Here is Perf+ Concept video

I think this could be a good idea – I think I might try it some day – but I have some fear that anything too complicated it would get ridiculously complicated and hard to debug.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Evaluating the Unusual and Innovative Perf+ Protoboard

    There is an open-source tool called Perfy which allows visualizing and laying out connections to generate plans of where to solder, bridge, and cut on a Perf+ board, but I didn’t find it very useful for assembling a project in an ad-hoc manner.

    What I Learned

    The Perf+ did allow me to construct a prototype without using a single jumper wire. Wires can take up a lot of space. No wires means a smaller, cleaner looking board.

    Connections made via Perf+ are not very visual, and I found the board much harder to troubleshoot as a result.

    I found it useful to mark the board for some common signals. One of the first things I did was hook up and mark the +V and GND bus lines with a marker for easy identification later.

    Cutting bus lines worked well enough with a sharp utility knife. Magnification was invaluable for confirming the trace was cleanly and completely cut.

    Where Does the Perf+ Fit?

    The Perf+ may have a place as an alternative to a PCB for small quantities of finished units that are not expected to need any changes or rework. The result is wire-free and clean-looking, which may be worth the added effort of planning the layout and connections with a tool like Perfy.

    The Perf+ can also be used as a straightforward perfboard alternative with the added bonus of making simple bus connections very easily. Knowing when to stay away from complex routing on Perf+ in favor of the occasional jumper wire (or point-to-point soldering direct to leads) absolutely makes things easier to troubleshoot or modify later.

    Windows/.NET editor for Perf+ prototyping perboards.

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    ALio Proto Board: The ALL-in-One Prototyping Board.

    ALio Proto Board is a prototyping board designed for electronic hobbyists who want to make prototypes containing SMD and through-hole components without using an extra breakout board. ALio is compatible with the traditional proto board while including all the features and benefits of traditional proto board.


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