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Eurovision Diary 2016

Eurovision Diary 2016 at is an interesting technical blog how this year’s Eurovision song contest show was built. There were lots of video,lights and other special effects technology in use. And here is a funny bonus video: Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede find out how to create the perfect Eurovision Song Contest songs

Smart phone lens set

Smart phone cameras are useful in many ways. Smartphone cameras are great, or at least close enough to great that you don’t notice the difference in many cases to traditional camera.Compared to a DSLR, smart phone cameras are still pretty lame. But the camera in your pocket is crazy good considering the limitations manufacturers work

Friday Fun: Google Plastic

Virtual reality is today big news. Arguably much of the resurgence in interest is down to Oculus, the company that surprised everyone in 2012 with a fabulously successful Kickstarter campaign to build its Rift VR headset. The company had been acquired by Facebook in 2014  for the previously inconceivable sum of $2bn. The consumer version

New Finnish high tech magazine with articles written my me

Finland has received a new technology trade magazine focusing on developing new technology: Uusi Teknologia (=new technology).  Uusi Teknologia magazine’s first issue devoted to IoT solutions, industrial, internet security and future 5G mobile solutions as well as intelligent interactive textiles. Also included are high-end oscilloscopes and a new ways to program embedded systems. The magazine