Marty the 3D printed open-source robot for STEM education launches on Indiegogo | Open Electronics

This looks as an interesting robotics project.

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Another STEM education robot:

    Sphero’s Ball-Bot Teaches Kids How to Roll Their Own Apps

    Sphero, that cute robotic ball that proves that BB-8’s underlying physics work, is more than a toy. It’s a great way of teaching children how to code. Kids have made everything from sea vessels to modern art with the little ball-bot.

    The company just updated the SPRK edition designed specifically for tinkering. The Sphero SPRK+ features a more scratch-resistant transparent body so youngsters can see what’s inside. Pairing the ball to a phone is simpler; you can just tap the two together to sync them up. A revamped app also helps teachers hone their students’ programming skills

    Sphero says it designed the $130 SPRK+ and its OVAL programming language for kindergartners and college students alike.


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