Friday Fun: Top 10 LEGO Machines Found on YouTube


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    LEGO Strain Wave Gear is Easy on the Eyes

    We are continually amazed by the things people do with LEGO and Technics, especially those that require incredible engineering skill. There’s an entire community based around building Great Ball Contraptions, which are LEGO Rube Goldberg machines that move tiny basketballs and soccer balls from one place to another. Except for a few rules about the input and output, the GBC horizons are boundless.

    Famed GBC creator [Akiyuki] recently built a GBC module that’s designed to show the movement of strain wave gear systems.

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Electric LEGO Longboard Now Complete with Epic Road Test

    He built a LEGO-looking enclosure for the battery as well, based on a 2×6 brick. The battery pack sits behind the motor with the tail light on top and holds the radio control receiver as well the twin LiPos. The head and tail lights pack 24-LED discs and are controlled by [James]’ FS-GT2B 3-channel RC transmitter. Its third channel is just a button, and he can trip that button to activate the lights with the help of a Turnigy receiver-controlled switch.

    For an added touch he printed some LEGO flowers and a minifig, suitably oversized, and took the skateboard on the road.

    LEGO Electric Skateboard made from GIANT 3D Printed Bricks #3 | XRobots

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Functioning Technic SLJ900 Bridge Builder

    The Chinese-built SLJ900 rolls along the tops of bridges and adds ginormous concrete spans with the aplomb found only in sped-up YouTube videos. It is nevertheless a badass robot and a worthy target for Technicization.


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