Professional audio and video technology videos

Here are some interesting videos on professional audio and video technologies field:

Mini backstage tour of the control area video takes a quick look at some of the stuff in the main control area of a big show.

The next videos show what is inside some of the audio and video equipment:

EEVblog #840 – Yamaha M3000 Mixing Console Teardown video shows how Dave from EEVBlog  tears down a monster of a mixing console.

EEVblog #738 – Yamaha DME32 Digital Mixer Teardow video shows what is inside a professional 24bit digital audio mixer.

EEVblog #598 – Sony DME7000 Video Multi Effects Processor Teardown video shows what is inside a professional Sony MDE7000 Video Effects Processor, as used in TV stations and video production facilities.

EEVblog #569 – Tour of an Analog TV Transmission Facility video takes us on a detailed tour of the old decommissioned 10kW analog TV transmission system


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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    EEVblog #969 – Vintage $80k NLE Video Editor Teardown

    How did you do video editing in the 1990′s?
    With an $80k Panasonic WJ-MX1200 NLE video editing box, that’s how. Dave takes a look inside.


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