Friday Fun: Ice Fun in Finland

Finnish energy expert and inventor Janne Käpylehto wanted to show the world that on land of polar bears there can be fun (and not just extreme weather). So he made a Ice carousel and made a video that has got many video views around the world:

Using only a chainsaw, an axe, a shovel and an old outboard boat motor, Janne Käpylehto created a spinning 12-meter-in-diameter ice carousel on a frozen lake in the southern Finnish town of Lohja. The ice was about 20 cm thick, so the carousel weights about 20 tons.

Energy expert and author want to points out that this carousel near cottage beach  was only a “test drive”. Next version will be huge as Käpylehto intends to make a diameter of 50-meter-long ice floe, which will, inter alia, a band and a bar.

Links to articles on this ice carousel:

Jannen sahaama jääkaruselli ihastuttaa maailmalla

Jannen jääkaruselli ihastuttaa maailmalla – Helsinkiin luvassa 50-metrinen jättiläinen

Janne Käpylehto sahasi Kirmusjärven jäälle jääkarusellin

Video: Maailmalla huomiota herättänyt jääkaruselli pyörii pian myös Helsingissä

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Rock band plays today on big ice carousel in Helsinki:

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Other news on the same Friday about Finland:

    Flight 666 lands safely in HEL on Friday the 13th
    13-year-old aircraft left gate 13 and landed at 13:31

    harp-eyed aerosexuals noticed that the plane departed gate 13 at Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup, during the thirteenth hour of the day. And then touched down at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport – code-name “HEL” – at 13:31 UTC.

    unlucky numbers have raised many an eyebrow in the plane-spotting community


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