How Will Electricity Companies Keep Up with the Surge in Electric Cars ?

As electric cars continue to surge, the demand on power grids across the world will continue to rise. Many fear that this drastic increase in energy consumption, up to 50% for some households, could lead to a global energy shortage.

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Electric Cars Emit 50 Percent Less Greenhouse Gas Than Diesel, Study Finds

    Electric cars emit significantly less greenhouse gases over their lifetimes than diesel engines even when they are powered by the most carbon intensive energy, a new report has found. In Poland, which uses high volumes of coal, electric vehicles produced a quarter less emissions than diesels when put through a full lifecycle modeling study by Belgium’s VUB University. CO2 reductions on Europe’s cleanest grid in Sweden were a remarkable 85%, falling to around one half for countries such as the UK. The new study uses an EU estimate of Poland’s emissions — at 650gCO2/kWh — which is significantly lower than calculations by the European commission’s Joint Research Centre science wing last year.

    The VUB study says that while the supply of critical metals — lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite — and rare earths would have to be closely monitored and diversified, it should not constrain the clean transport transition.

    Electricity carbon intensity in European Member States: Impacts on GHG emissions of electric vehicles


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