Strato and Iono Pi Enhance the Raspberry Pi’s Looks and Capabilities

This add-on promised to covert Raspberry Pi to a professional looking DIN mountable industrial component suitable for example for IoT. Looks interesting.

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    The new Strato Pi

    Today we are very excited to introduce a new version of our Strato Pi boards.

    Addressing the fundamental requirements of professional applications based on the Raspberry Pi computer, Strato Pi

    introduction of Raspberry Pi 3 pushed our development team to redesign the power supply stage in order to deliver up to 50% more current than the previous version.

    Up to 3.0A are now available for the Raspberry Pi and its accessories

    Strato Pi UPS now has an auxiliary power supply output, that you can use to power external devices so they will stay on, under the Strato Pi external UPS battery, even in case of a power failure.

    A typical application is when a Strato Pi server is used for remote, unattended systems control, using a cellular modem or router, powered by Strato Pi UPS itself, for connectivity. If the mains power fails, you will still be able to send a warning notification and, eventually, perform a clean shut-down.

    As usual, check the Strato Pi web page for the updated documentation, hardware implementation highlights, and the detailed circuit schematic.

    Strato Pi enhances the Raspberry Pi computer with several hardware features to make it suitable for use in professional applications where reliability and service continuity are key requirements.

    Power Supply
    Real Time Clock
    Serial Port
    Hardware Watchdog
    DIN-Rail Case
    CE/RoHS Certified

    Strato Pi can be employed both in industrial and residential environments, for professional applications where extreme reliability, ruggedness and compliance with technical and safety directives are required.

    It is compliant with the 2014/35/UE (Low Voltage) and 2014/30/UE (EMC) CE directives, and the harmonised standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EN61000-6-2:2005), electrical safety (EN60664-1:2007), emission (EN61000-6-3:2007) as well as the RoHS directive for hazardous substances (2011/65/UE).

    Strato Pi server

    Pre-assembled server module including:

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
    Strato Pi Base or UPS board
    Standard 4-modules DIN-rail case

    (available with Raspberry Pi 2 for bulk orders)


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