Lightning protection

Here are some pictures what lightning can do to a tree – example why you need lightning protection on buildings.


  1. Teodor V. says:

    Indeed. And why you should at least have some protection on anything signal or power coming in from the outside if you are not in a city, even if it is a run between two buildings. A lightning strike in a tree nearby can easily induce really nice transients on even short runs of cable.

    • Tomi Engdahl says:

      It seems that the grouding on the nearby house was OK.
      No marjor damages there (just one digital TV tuner box and light bulb damaged).

      It was good that electricity, cable TV and telephone linews were put underground just few years ago.

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Video: Incredible 1,000fps slow-motion 4K lightning footage

    DP Dustin Farrell’s incredible storm chasing video he just released yesterday. Captured mostly with a Phantom Flex4K slow-motion camera at 1,000fps, it’s a slow-motion masterpiece with lightning footage that left this writer’s jaw slack.


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