Embedded Conference Finland 2017

I visited Embedded Conference Finland 2017 around one month ago ( May 3, 2017).

I wrote about it in Finnish to Uusiteknologia.fi web site. Ufortuantely I did not have time at the moment to write material on it to this blog. Here is some material on that here.  Here are some slides and advice picked from keynote speeches:

“Connected devices – opportunities and security” Jaakko Ala-Paavola, Etteplan CTO, presented the current trends of the IoT world. Based on the presentation, Lora and Sigfox technologies serve the same application field and their greatest difference in business models and risks. Etteplan sees Lora technology as an open and promising one. At present, most Lora networks are private networks.




Jaakko Ala-Paavola explains that conventional traditional IP networking with the “all IP” traffic generates a lot of security challenges for terminal devices. The solution is that IP is exported only to the proxy that connects to the Internet, and the small devices are operated with another simple secure protocol. For example, Lora is a very simple and secure protocol stack for terminals. Jaakko’s rule is to make smart apps and stupid devices.

Tuukka Sarkki from VIncit invited developers to think about what digitalization means rightly. - If he does the same as anybody else, he can not get a competitive advantage.


Timo Seppälä, Research Associate at ETLA, said in his presentation, “Software for embedded products or products in embedded software?” That embedded devices are getting much more power-no stupid devices like Etteplan Keynote. Many of the existing IoT devices in the industry are more “Intranet of Things” than the “Internet of Things”. Timo Seppälä recalled that 98 percent of all devices in the middle of networking and IoT are still not connected to the network. At present, intelligence is taking a swing in the cloud, but according to Seppälä, the direction is wrong. Data sharing and systems compatibility should be considered as it generates a  added value. Industry 4.0 is just thinking about the interoperability of different systems.



All presentations slide sets can be found on those web pages:



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    Jaakko Ala-Paavola writes to this blog on all aspects of Embedded Systems; technology news, hacking projects, popular electronics, industry trends, reviews, and forecasts, etc.

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    thank you for this.


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