SiFive announced the Arduino Cinque, the new RISC-V based development board | Open Electronics

The Arduino Cinque is the second RISC-V based development board put out by SiFive (the first being the HiFive1) compatible with the Arduino platform. “By partnering with a pioneer in open-source hardware, SiFive can further advance the progress of open custom silicon”

Board has SiFive’s Freedom E310 customizable SoC, which runs off the E31 CPU Coreplex (32-bit RV32IMAC Core): the Freedom E310 claims to be the fastest microcontroller on the market, capable of running at 320 MHz.

The Arduino Cinque will also have built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities with the inclusion of an efficient, low-power Espressif ESP32 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth hybrid chip.

SiFive Unveils the first RISC-V-based Arduino Board at Maker Faire Bay Area

The Arduino Cinque enables the Arduino ecosystem with a true open-source SoC, the next step in bringing true open-source silicon to the masses


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