Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud IaaS 2017

Gartner has published a new magic quadrant for infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) – the results should not be surprising to anybody. Consider this posting as update to my previous cloud market posting few years back. Here is reporting on newest cloud market trends from two sources:
Gartner puts AWS, Microsoft Azure top of its Magic Quadrant for IaaS | ZDNet

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure dominate the infrastructure-as-a-service field, according to Gartner, which released its IaaS Magic Quadrant.

However, Google Cloud is emerging as a key challenger.

Gartner confirms what we all know: AWS and Microsoft are the cloud leaders, by a fair way

Paranormal parallelogram for IaaS has Google on the same lap, IBM and Oracle trailing

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Ron Miller / TechCrunch:
    Dropbox unveils plan for its global network with custom infrastructure, following last year’s announcement it would leave AWS

    Dropbox announces massive network expansion

    β€œThe edge proxy is a stack of servers that act as the first gateway for TLS & TCP handshake for users and is deployed in PoPs (points of presence) to improve the performance for a user accessing Dropbox from any part of the globe,” Bhargava wrote.

    This type of service is typically offered by Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers like Akamai, but like many companies working at the scale of Dropbox, it ultimately decided it needed to build a custom solution to meet its unique requirements and to give it the ability to control all aspects of the stack.

    The company is deploying the custom proxy stack across its US data centers starting today.

    Ultimately, this expansion is designed for two reasons. One is to improve the user experience wherever they live. This was particularly important to Dropbox because it found that about 75 percent of users are outside the US.

    The second reason is that by building its own hardware and software, the company can control costs much more easily, and they are claiming the new approach cuts networking costs in half, an amount that has to add up to significant cost savings for the company.


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