Top Linux distros for computer repair |

There are specialized tools that can aid you in fixing problems with a computer or help you be prepared for when something bad does happen.
Many of these tools are actually highly-specialized Linux distributions. 

This article takes look at five different Linux distributions designed to make your life easier when computers start giving you a headache. 


  1. christos says:

    I have a older version of Elementary Linux that when it runs it started a grinding noise . It seems to be doing that when it processes info . I used to work with a gentleman that installed the system on my computer ( about 10 yrs ago) >I am currently retired and moved away . Can you help my current residence is in NE Florida 50 miles south of Jax

    • Tomi Engdahl says:

      Your posting indicates that you have an old computer.
      That started making grinding noise could indicate some potential hardware problem on your computer, for example aging capacitors on motherboard, some issue some coil or problem with the fans.
      One possible explanation is that fan issue, it is being worn out and/or dirty, and starts making more noise when is starts spinning faster than when the CPU is more loaded.


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