Keyboard teardown

Why do cheap key feel so bad when typing. Let’s take a tear-down of one HP keyboard.

Let’s open it

Rubber makes the “keyboard bad feel”. I remenber rubber keyboard feel from Sinclair Spectrum (at 1983)…

Flexible circuit board material is used for switches

Circuit board

Not much to see on the other side of circuit board

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Interesting keyboard project:

    Sawed Off Keyboard

    Have you ever had to cut a piece of furniture in two to get it into a new place? Yours truly has, having had to cut the longer part of a sectional sofa in two to get it into a high-rise apartment. That’s what [Charles]’ sawed off keyboard immediately reminded us of. It sounds just as crazy, but brilliant at the same time.

    Saw your keyboard!

    I created my own custom keypad by grabbing the hacksaw and literally cutting the QWERTY off an old PS2 keyboard.


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