The Ultimate Guide to WordPress and GDPR Compliance (in Plain English)
Are you confused by GDPR, and how it will impact your WordPress site?
This article tries to explain everything you need to know about GDPR and WordPress (without the complex legal stuff).
The EU isn’t some evil government that is out to get you. Their goal is to protect consumers.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    GDPR compliant quickly!

    Is my site 100% GDPR compliant after installing the plugin?
    No. At this point it is impossible to say what makes a site 100% compliant with GDPR or not because the regulation is not specific on (technical) solutions.

    With future updates we’ll expand the plugin to include more features helping you take care of as many parts of GDPR as possible.

    What does this plugin do?
    With the WP GDPR Compliance plugin it is possible to automatically add a GDPR checkbox to Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce and WordPress Comments. By ticking this checkbox your visitors and customers explicitly allow you to handle their personal data for a defined purpose (i.e. taking care of their order).

  2. Course Works says:

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