Big Blue Open Sources Power Chip Instruction Set

With a big injection of open source spirit from its acquisition of Red Hat, IBM is finally taking the next step and open sourcing the instruction set architecture of its Power family of processors.
IBM announced the release of the POWER instruction set architecture (ISA) as an open standard at the OpenPOWER Summit in San Diego on Tuesday.
IBM’s long journey to opening up the Power architecture began a long time ago.
Power ISA has now opened. Now, the POWER ISA is available royalty-free, inclusive of patent rights.

Let’s see what kind of uptake it might have against RISC-V and Arm and a closed X86 architecture from AMD and Intel.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    IBM’s Power-ful open source gift: China wins big, and these are the losers

    It’s a heck of an announcement by Big Blue, and this is a heck of a list


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