Friday fun: Free yourself from Facebook

Hopelessly addicted to email, social networking, or other online distractions? Robert R. Morris and Dan McDuff created Pavlov Poke to wean themselves off Facebook and finish their dissertations. While this project is intended to be a joke, the project creators believe a serious discussion is needed about how communication technologies are designed. In the technical

Arduino overclocking

Liquid nitrogen (finally) makes an Arduino project cool. Overclocking Arduino with liquid nitrogen cooling. 20⇒65.3Mhz @-196°C/-320°F article has this video that shows how it is done. It turns out that you can run an Arduino UNO at 65.3MHz when it is cooled with liquid nitrogen. Arduino UNO / ATmega328P at 8V is stable at 65.3Mhz

Arduino cellphone

Hackaday mentioned some time ago an interesting Arduino cellphone. The fact that you can build a cellphone around an Arduino is pretty neat: An Average Joe can build this thing with a minimum or background knowledge and without breaking the bank. Wow. The components include and Arduino Uno, GPRS shield from Seeed Studios, a TFT


There seems to be a push for all kinds of ARM based development boards. pcDuino looks to be another interesting ARM platform that runs Linux. The name comes from Mini PC + Arduino. pcDuino is a mini PC platform that runs PC like OS such as Ubuntu and Android ICS. It outputs screen to HDMI.

Duemilanove 2009 Atmega 328P SCM Board

I needed one more Arduino board, so I planned to check out this cheap (US$14.30) Duemilanove 2009 Atmega 328P SCM Board with USB Cable board. This is a clone of the Arduino Duemilanove with several enhancements not available in the original Arduino. The most important that is on board 2.54 grid male pin headers an

Arduino Sensor Shield

I ordered some time ago Arduino Sensor Shield v4.0 because it is an easy way to connect input and output devices to Arduino. Arduino Sensor Shield provides three pin (ground, voltage, signal) interface for connecting all kinds of sensors (potentiometer, button, LDR etc.) and output devices (relay cards, servos etc..) to Arduino. The Arduino Sensor

Arduino Yún has WiFi connectivity and Linux

Arduino platform seems to interest many Internet of Things developers. There are now many Arduino compatible platforms with wireless connectivity as you can see in my New interesting Arduino platforms article and it’s comment. Also Google has done some Arduino based IoT. Arduino launches Yún for WiFi connectivity under Linux article tells that Arduino has

Google Arduino based IoT

At I/O, Google Will Be Tracking Things Like Noise Level And Air Quality With Hundreds Of Arduino-Based Sensors article tells that in the blog post, Michael Manoochehri, Developer Programs Engineer, outlines his team’s plan to place hundreds of Arduino-based environmental sensors around the conference space to track things like temperature, noise levels, humidity and air

Tour of the Arduino Manufacturing Facility

Have you ever wondered where all those magical Arduinos come from? Tour of the Arduino Manufacturing Facility article tells that they come from Torino, Italy, and how they are built. The video below will walk you through the PCB manufacuring and assembly process. For more details check also the large set of pictures from Tour


Freeduino is a collaborative open-source project to replicate and publish Arduino-compatible hardware files. The Freeduino Eagle SCH, BRD and Gerber production files allow users to create boards that are 100% functionally, electrically and physically compatible with Arduino hardware.