bttn for IoT

Consider the Internet-of-Things (or Internet-of-Everything as some like to call it): everything – yes, literally everything – will be connected. And the IoT sales people have high promises: Cars will be safer. TV will be better. Homes will be smarter. The promise is that different things can talk to each other if you want. Nowadays

Create Digital Experiments

Simple Ways to Create Face-Melting Digital Experiments blog posting discusses the rise of the IoT and maker culture. It discusses how seemingly simple tasks that earlier took weeks to do can nowdays hacked together in a day when you combine suiable on-line tools and maker hardware solutions. The posting lists many tools that I have

IFTTT and your own hardware

When you have a great service like IFTTT that you can interface with many ready available cloud services or commercial hardware, the next idea is how to connect your own device (Arduino, Raspeberry Pi, etc..) to this service. Here are some pointers to ideas how to interface your own hardware to IFTTT: Pushbullet’s IFTTT Channel

Internet of things news

Here are some resources to find latest news on Internet of Things (IoT): Business Insider magazine has quite interesting Internet of Things news section. VentureBeat has also Internet of Things news section. IoT News Network IoT News Alltop Internet of Things    

Intelnet of things

Intel chip revenue declined in 2013 as worldwide total grew by five percent due to a focus on dwindling PC market. Intel is trying to get new growth by trying to enter actively to mobile and Internet-of-Things application. Internet of Things (IoT) is being driven by the convergence of increasingly connected devices, cloud computing, and